Serve your customers anytime, anywhere.

InService lets your customers instantly apply for insurance plans, view information about their policies and submit claims, all from your website.

EAB Systems' InService Quotation on Laptop

Quote & buy directly from your website

Enable your customers to complete an interactive financial needs analysis, explore insurance plans, generate quotations and submit applications. The entire buying process is seamless from beginning to end, with defined workflows and business rules that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This greatly simplifies underwriting. Ultimately, InService increases customer engagement and boosts sales.

EAB Systems' InService Customer Policies Info on Tablet

360° view of your customers' policies

Give your customers access to information relating to their policies and allow them to initiate policy changes and submit claims. Underwriting and servicing notifications, including missing information in applications and unpaid premiums, help your customers stay on top of their applications and ensure policies stay up-to-date.

EAB Systems' InService Setting up new Insurance Products on Laptop

Easily set up new insurance products, forms & templates

With our advanced and user-friendly Configurators, launching new insurance products through your website is simple, while cloning allows products with similar features to be introduced even quicker. Designing and creating electronic forms and templates is equally simple. This dramatically reduces IT support and maintenance costs, allowing you to capture market opportunities and respond promptly to regulatory changes.

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