121 System

121 System

Our flagship and award-winning sales platform for insurers.

121 System is a point of sale and sales force automation suite catered to sales representatives including agents, brokers, independent financial advisors and bankers.

The most advanced point of sale and CRM for insurance advisors

Sell insurance products and manage sales activity anytime, anywhere.

121 System on Multiple Devices and Operating Systems

121 System operates natively on iOS and Android and supports a wide range of browsers, built on top of a shared business engine. This guarantees optimal user experience and performance, while significantly reducing the effort required to support multiple platforms. Whether your advisors are online or offline, automatic two-way synchronization enables them to access up-to-date information and perform critical business tasks.

Increase sales and better serve customers

Pre-sales and post-sales tools help your advisors find new leads, cross-sell and upsell, keep track of sales opportunities, improve close rates and manage their day-to-day activities with the built-in CRM.

  • Alerts
  • Scheduler
  • Opportunity MGMT.
  • Campaigns & Leads
  • Activity log
  • News room
  • Resource library

A sales dashboard highlights key performance indicators so your advisors can monitor their performance and productivity. Sales reports provide more in-depth analyses.

121 System - View customers' policies on iPad

360° view of your customers' policies

Give your advisors access to information relating to your customers' policies and allow them to initiate policy changes and submit claims. Underwriting and servicing notifications, including missing information in applications and unpaid premiums, help your advisors stay on top of their customers’ applications and ensure policies stay up-to-date.

121 System - Manage your distribution channels on Laptop

Manage your distribution channels

Easily configure the system, manage your distribution channels, control access, set permissions and monitor usage through 121 System’s admin function.

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